Trying out some of this newfangled technology doo-hickeys available on the internet after listening to a podcast by Scott Sigler declaiming on the end of ‘old’ publishing and the rise of new publishing.  Build a following by getting your content out any way you can is his mantra.  Didn’t hear him say the words ‘talent’ or ‘ability’ but I’ll be charitable and take those as a given.

It’s not anything new, just testing things with Red in Tooth and Claw.

So, you can access it here.  Or, and if I get his working correctly, you should be able to read it below.


Isn’t the future so…futur-ish?

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1 Response to Scribd

  1. mpiskun says:

    I don’t know that a paperback will ever be replaced in our lifetime.

    The story had a nice climax, good piece of work.

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