Two entries in one evening.  First the famine, then the flood…

Now that I’ve got my little netbook up and running, I’ve escaped the confines of the study and the distractions of the internet for the greener pastures of the living room.  As such, my output has increased somewhat, so I can now update you all on progress on the writing front.

The Interview, which I’ve briefly mentinoed before, is complete.  When I say complete, it has a beginning and a middle and an end.  In fact, it has a good beginning and end, but a rather indifferent middle.  I’m not satisfied at all with that section.  It’s in first person, which I hate writing and it skates over certain details which I want to get into the story, but haven’t worked out how.  If I could somehow abandon the first person narrative, I’m confident it would all fall into place, but at the moment, I’m a bit annoyed with it so have moved on to…

The Devil at Your Heels.  Which is a title I quite like, but has surely been used many, many times before.  It’s the story of a man who is involved with another car in an accident on an empty stretch of road, and in a fit of moral blindness, does nothing to help the other driver and instead leaves the scene.  The only problem is, the other driver, while being quite dead, isn’t dead enough, if you get my obscure drift.  Currently 2000 words in and while I’m struggling with the middle section after a strong start, it feels like I’m getting somewhere.

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1 Response to Update

  1. Cathryn says:

    The Devil at Your Heels teaser has my interest!

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