Rejected: The Return!

UDPATE:  It’s come to my attention that this post below is regarded as being unprofessional and not a little stupid.  I’ve apologised to the editor and have edited out all references to the publication and the editor.  Yes, the horse has bolted, but in hindsight, it was rude and silly of me to include those details.   Please note no one has asked/pressured me to do this – I’m doing it of my own accord after having a good think about it.  The actual comments, however, remain the same.


It is now a sensible hour of the evening, and as the night slowly winds down and the children go to sleep, I thought I’d share my most recent rejection with you, my Constant Reader (all two of you).


It goes without saying that no one likes rejection.  We like to think that everything we do is regarded by our peers and our family’s with favour.  Nothing brings you up short in life than to be told that what you thought was good about yourself, wasn’t.

Now, thee-mail is a gentle affair.  I was disappointed, to be sure, as publication in (DELETED) would’ve been a personal coup.  Still, his rejection comments were far better than the those I received way back in 1991 from a particularly cutting editor of an Australian horror zine.  His name, and that of his zine, have descended into the stygian darkness, but if I find the letter (remember those things?), I’ll share. 

Hi Robert

Thanks for submitting this to (DELETED), but I’m afraid I decided not to
accept it for publication.

I thought you created a very eerie atmosphere, but perhaps too eerie! From
the point where the wife told them to leave, I found  it a bit too
incredible that anyone would stay. I certainly don’t think any parent,
having being told that, would leave their child unattended upstairs. And
that spoiled the story a bit for me…

There were a couple of other small things that you might want to look at
before submitting elsewhere – “slipped passed” and “passed her prime” – in
both cases that should be past.

I hope you’ll consider submitting to us again in future.


The observations of the wife’s actions is pretty spot on.  A better writer would’ve worked out how to incorporate what and why she did what she did far better than I managed.

I hear the siren call of a bowl of ice-cream.  Until next time…

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2 Responses to Rejected: The Return!

  1. Cathryn says:

    Given that so many rejections are form letter, I think a rejection that compliments your atmosphere, and then gives gentle suggestions is a coup in itself. Asking you to submit again? Fantastic.

    • Robert Mammone says:

      Thanks, Carthyn. Not embarrassed by any sort of rejection letter, and a rejection of this sort which says nice things is something to treasure.

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