Apologies for the absence. As is usual, got busy with other stuff (work, toy shopping, and sleep. More sleep. Tinkering with new laptop. Even more sleep.) Then it’s suddenly 1.29 a.m. on a work night and you’re in front of the computer begging yourself to go to bed. Soon, soon…

Anyway, after my previous post on rejection received such wide acclaim, I’ll ferret through my records and try to find some more. I remember a cracker I received in 1991 from an Australian horror zine which left me in deep depression for hours. I hope I still have the letter somewhere.

As I said above, been tinkering with my new laptop, the MSI Wind U100+. It is a little laptop, a notebook in the industry. The idea behind purchasing it is to escape the distractive allure of the internet while trying to write. The siren allure of Slate, or the NYT, or even the self loathing generated by reading NRO, is mostly too hard to resist. Plus, being cooped up in this rather messy study can be depressing, so the laptop has released me into the living room. Yes, the kids are distracting, but at least I get to see sunlight occasionally.

Currently working on a new story called The Interview. Well, when I say new, I mean about two months new, but I went through a period of cracking a bone in my foot and being laid low by the ‘flu, which interrupted things somewhat.

The Interview is your basic horror short story – protagonist encounters something nasty and lives to rue the events. The structure of it is even more basic – an opening scene, the guts of the story, then the aftermath. The opening and closing sections were the first, and easiest to write – just ploughing through the middle section now which I can see will need to be edited down drastically so as not to send the reader to sleep. But the mantra, get it down now, edit the damn thing later, is firmly entrenched in my mind.

Also, I’ll have to alter the interview process. Our suspect is being interviewed by a psychiatrist to see if he is mad or not, but I’m not sure if that is really correct police procedure. Would a shrink simply review the recorded interview, or would he sit in on the actual interview? I suppose dramatic licence will allow me a lot of leeway, but those sorts of things niggle at me.

Anyway, excuse me while I look for more rejection letters. The one from Dark Horizons is hilarious…

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