Fear the Dark and The Web of Time

One for the fans of Doctor Who fan fiction.  Two of my contributions to The Doctor Who Project will shortly see publication.

The first, Fear the Dark will be the first cab off the rank for their new Brief Encounters series.  The launch date is July 18th.

The next story, The Web of Time, will be published September 12th.  It opens the latest season of stories and follows directly on from Season 35s finale, Journey’s End.

When each is published in turn, I’ll post about their background.  In the meantime, here is a short synopsis for both.

Brief Encounters:  Fear the Dark

A small team of scientists have been secreted aboard a research station located on a hidden asteroid in deep space. Their mission – demonstrate that wormholes can be created at will, thereby enabling their government to quickly deploy sufficient forces to crush a rebellion that is threatening to topple the old order.  The final test is successful – too successful; the fabric of the universe is ruptured, allowing living shadows whose voracious appetite knows no bounds to cross over.  When the Third Doctor and Sarah arrive, they discover the remnants of an investigative team in grave peril.  Faced with suspicion on all sides, can the Doctor and Sarah live long enough to repel an invasion of hellish shadows intent on devouring every living thing?


The Web of Time

Returning to Gallifrey via the Timescoop, the Doctor seeks vengeance on the High Council for their betrayal.  But his task is interrupted by the Silver’s reappearance.  But this is not the Silver he knows , but something alien and sinister.  Barely escaping with his life, the Doctor stumbles across a young orphan girl named Alienka.  Together, they journey to the Capitol, intent on seeking answers.  Once they arrive, the mystery only deepens, for not only has the High Council vanished, but so have every living Time Lord.  The Capitol is now a shadow haunted place, full of old memories and creatures that stalk the empty halls.  As they draw closer to the Panopticon, the Doctor discovers a monstrous conspiracy weaving a new web of time, anchored in both the Matrix and the Vortex.  Can the Doctor save all of creation, or will he see everything he cherishes crash into ruin?

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