By way of an introduction…

I’ve a deep ambivalence about blogs. They seem the worst sort of grandstanding imaginable. ‘Ooh look at me with my tortured artistic soul’.

That said, and fully accepting the charge ‘hypocrite’, this little blog is designed to get some of my short horror writing a bit more notice. To that end…

Essentially, what I’ll be doing is providing links to my stories which have been published on the internet. I’ve actually been published in print, once, way back in Doctor Who Magazine #214, with short story called Roses. A very lengthy fallow period ensued, until last year when I had a piece published for The Doctor Who Project  (check out my story Dreadnaught for more). I’ll have two more pieces published this year on that site, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out over the next few months.

However, while writing Doctor Who fan fiction is a lot of fun, I thought I’d turn my hand to short horror fiction. Why? My interest in horror fiction, coupled with an attention span that goes on the fritz after about 5000 words, meant that this was the medium I felt I could get the most from. My aim is to get 6-8 stories published in 2009. Currently, I’ve had three, with one more on the edge of acceptance.

Be warned I have no internet skills, so don’t expect a flashy blog with all the usual bells and whistles. Like the stick, it just is.

The links for each story, and their background, will shortly appear.

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